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Used Rolling Mills, 4-HI machinery for sale. If you're looking for used Rolling Mills, 4-HI machines, Machine Hub is the marketplace for you. ... IRM MODEL 4060H 4" X 6" 4HI HOT LAB ROLLING MILL - INCLUDES PRE-HEATED ROLLS, DUAL SIDEWHEEL SCREWDOWN ASSEMBLY, AND PAYOFF AND RECOILER SYSTEM ... 17" INCO 4 HI REVERSING MILL, …

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It is widely used in boiler, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, metal structure and machinery manufacturing industries. See below figure, 3 rolls bending machine usually take two lower rollers as active roll, can realize positive and reverse rotation. One upper roller is a follower roll, can move vertically up and down. Movable bearing seat

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A number of recent-model coil lines for heavy-gauge hot-rolled plate include a temper mill just before the leveler (see Figure 4). The effect on material surface quality, flatness, and stability is significant. This is especially important for applications in which some of the new technologies, such as laser cutting, are to be used.

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Hot Roll Steel Rectangular Tube. Structural steel tube ASTM A500 Grade B is cold formed, electric-resistance welded tubing. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is relatively low in cost and is easily welded. Hot Roll Rectangular Tube. The hollow shape offers good appearance and ease of maintenance.

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cold mill: voss 66" x 1.687" 19-roll leveler: 20" x 55" x 82" united reversing cold reduction & skin pass mill. 124"wide x 1 - 1/4" thick - sket plate leveler: 9" x 21" x 26" hot reversing mill - metal cladding (2) 66" x 1.687" 19-roll voss levelers

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high standard of maintenance inspection and testing are essential. BS EN 1417 Plastics and rubber machines — Two-roll mills — Safety requirements provides details for the performance criteria for the Lunn bar and braking system. This includes a requirement for automatic roll separation and reversal on operation of the Lunn bar.

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The hot metal is passed between two rolls to flatten it, lengthen it, reduce the cross-sectional area and obtain a uniform thickness. Hot-rolled steel is the most common product of the hot rolling process, and is widely used in the metal industry either as an end product or as raw material for subsequent operations.


The main production lines include a Semi-continuous Pickling Line, a 6-Hi Reversing Cold Rolling Mill and 2 continuous galvanizing lines. Product Range & Capabilities: a) Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Coils (HRPO) – Thickness :1.2 to 4.5 mm – 350,000 MT/annum. b) Cold Rolled Full Hard Coils (CRFH) – Thickness : 0.20 to 2.50 mm – 250,000 MT ...

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0.22. Determine (a) roll force, (b) roll torque, and (c) power required for this operation. 19.12. A hot rolling mill has rolls of diameter ¼ 24 in. It can exert a maximum force ¼ 400,000 lb. The mill has a maximum horsepower ¼ 100 hp. It is desired to reduce a 1.5-in thick plate by the maximum possible draft in one pass. The starting plate ...

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Fig.1- Single stand reversing mill . Fig.2- Two-stand reversing mill. Fig.3- Limitations of a 4-high mill on strip flatness . Fig.4- Advantages of 6-high Universal Crown Control Mill (UCM) on strip flatness . Fig.5- Main Feature of HYPER UC-MILL. Fig.6- Comparison of work-roll diameters in a standard UCM and Hyper UCM

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Roll-Ø200*300W, Skin pass Rolling Mill. 4 4-ST Rolling Mill(4 High) スキンパス. WR Ø80*250W. BR Ø220*250W. Skin pass Rolling Mill. 4 4-ST Hot Rolling Mill(4 High) び ...

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4-High Rolling Mills Four-high rolling mills can be put in tandem, two to seven stands, instead of a reversing mill. They can be equipped with load cells to tell the separating force and hydraulic or mechanical screw downs, depending if it is hot or cold rolling. Sometimes mechanical screw downs are preferred when there is a risk of fire.

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Reversing hot rolling lines for plates Main data. Production of plate; Width: up to 5.5 m ... You can rely on our work roll brushes to keep your rolls free from aluminum oxide pick-ups. ... high-performance hot mill. More Information Reversing hot mill line, Guangxi Alnan, China . 1 + 1 for plate and strip ...

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6 Hi Reversing Cold Rolling Mill. Material Hot Rolled low carbon steel (0.05 ~ 0.10%C) SAE 1008 Strip thickness less than equal to 2.0mm Width of coil less than equal to 760 Inner diameter of the coil Dia.508mm. Outer diameter of the ...

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(u.s.a.) type: highly versatile 2-hi reversing mill that can either hot roll ingots up to 2" (50mm) thick or cold roll strip in coils down to .050" (1.2 North Branford, CT View Listing 6 1/2"(165mm) x 8" (203mm) FENN POWERED SCREWDOWNS 5 HP (13684)

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The versatile Waterbury Farrel 4-Hi Mill can be deployed as both a non-reversing mill for intermediate rolling and as a reversing mill for finish rolling. Smaller work rolls allow for more efficient material reduction. The larger backup roll positioned against the smaller work roll reduces separating forces and permits the rolling of wider and ...


Hot Rolling Mills Magadh can offer 4-Hi/6-Hi Tandem Hot Strip Mills (5 Stand or 6 Stand) for strip width upto 1670 mm, 900 MPM speed and finish strip thickness of. Read More..

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Mill finishes, whether hot or cold rolled, are the basic supply condition for all stainless steel flat products. They are used universally for standard building components but are also the basis for subsequent finishing pro-cesses that alter the surface to meet more demanding architectural requirements. Four particular surface designations are im-

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The Detroit mill initially consisted of a small reversing hot rolling strip mill with a slab heating furnace. The original hot strip mill was known as the "Coffee Grinder" from the sounds the mill would make. In 1938, the company brought online a single 4-high reversing cold reducing mill with ancillary facilities (annealing and finishing).

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Hot Rolling Mill complex is equipped with walking beam reheating furnace, primary descaler, 4-hi reversing roughing mill, 4-high reversing Steckel Mill, down coiler, laminar cooling & roll grinding machines, procured from world renowned suppliers.

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Used Plate Bending (Slip Roll, Pyramid, Initial Pinch, Double Pinch) Rolls for sale currently in stock Brand New Plate Bending (Slip Roll, Pyramid, Initial Pinch, Double Pinch) Rolls for sale currently in stock. View Machines Or Slip rolls are either pyramid type 2 bottom rolls and one roll stacked on the top, shaped like a pyramid or initial pinch 3 Or 4 Rolls with the 2 in …

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Ingredients. Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Ascorbic Acid [Added As A Dough Conditioner], Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Sugar, Canola Oil, Dry Yeast (Yeast, Sorbitan Monostearate, Ascorbic Acid), Contains 2% Or Less Of: Salt, Corn Starch. Product Information.

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The reversing cold rolling mill is the all-rounder among the cold rolling mills: Here, thin strips, thick strips, soft grades, high-strength and ultra-high-strength strips can be rolled in succession on one and the same plant. The RCM is mainly used for low carbon steels, but is also a good solution for modern grades such as silicon steels.

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The three high rolling mill utilizes the principle of passing the work back and forth to achieve a series of reductions. Unlike the two high reversing mill, the three high mill has three rolls that always spin in the same direction. An elevator mechanism lifts and lowers the work so that it can be passed back and forth through the rolls.

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85″ Black Clawson Air Knife Coating Line. Stock #V21150-L. Used 85″ Black Clawson air knife coating line. Two or three-roll applicator, 60″ O.D. unwind and rewind with splicing, 8″ minimum slit width, inline Beloit Calender and moisture control. One or two-side coating, 40#–180# paper.

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(SI units) A series of cold rolling operations are to be used to reduce the thickness of a metal plate from 50mm to 20mm in a reversing two-high mill. Roll diameter = 600 mm, and coefficient of friction between rolls and work = 0.15. The specification is that the …

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Kloeckner Metal UK services hold a comprehensive Strip Mill stock range including Hot Rolled, Mill Pickled, Cold Reduced, Galvanised, Electro Zinc (Zintec), Floor and Laser Plate. Strip Mill We offer a comprehensive range of tubular products.

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These backup rolls are larger and contact the back side of the smaller rolls. A four-high mill has four rolls, two small and two large. A cluster mill has more than 4 rolls, usually in three tiers. These types of mills are commonly used to hot roll wide plates, most cold rolling applications, and to roll foils.

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Mill roll heights. All new mill installations shall be installed so that the top of the operating rolls is not less than 50 inches above the level on which the operator stands, irrespective of the size of the mill. This distance shall apply to the actual working level, whether it be at the general floor level, in a pit, or on a platform.